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Interested in working with us as an ambassador, sponsored athlete, or other collaborator?

A quick note about our program...

Aloha! Sirensong is the product of several years of passion, blood, sweat, and tears (sounds dramatic, but its true!) Sirensong is also my livelihood — a feisty and tenacious small business that has taken over my world and my heart ♡ Virtually a one-woman-show, I get by with invaluable help and support from a few generous souls, in particular, Sirensong's Ambassador Program Coordinator, Madison. Mahalo ♡ Mahalo ♡ Mahalo!

We receive all kinds of inquiries about 'collaborations' and I'm genuinely touched that so many amazing individuals want to be a part of what we’re building. Ambassadors will always be the heart of Sirensong’s marketing plan.

Many of the people that reach out to us have experience working with swimwear labels that give out product for free. It’s become necessary to point out that wetsuits are more than just a few ounces of fabric...they are a hybrid between swimwear and gear, and are NOT inexpensive to make. As a small business, we generally cannot afford to give away free product at this time. That said, what we can do is offer discounted product and other incentives ❤

— Jamie
Sirensong's Founder & Designer

Our Ambassador Program

Social media has been a major catalyst for Sirensong's growth, and as we grow the brand, we also seek to grow our tribe – a community of like-minded individuals who truly appreciate what Sirensong has to offer and want to be a part of our journey.

  • Can you inspire us?
  • Do you inspire others?
  • And most importantly, do we inspire you?

We want genuine voices and perspectives from Sirens who actually wear our wetsuits! Think about it...if you don't love us enough to purchase from us, or don't actually wear our wetsuits - well, being an ambassador for us doesn't really make sense now, does it? Sirensong is about more than just looking great on a body...its about looking beautiful on an authentic water-woman AND doing what its meant to do: keep you warm, comfy, and feeling confident!

Whether you are an athlete, a photographer, or just love being in the water; if you embody the adventurous spirit and aesthetic of Sirensong, it’s probably safe to say that we’d be stoked to work with you!

Program Purpose & Goals

The goals of our ambassador program align with our company’s philosophies:

True living happens when you step into nature, making memories and experiencing the world around you.  We seek to inspire more adventures, more enjoyment, more confidence, and more time in the water doing what we love.  We celebrate the female form, and celebrate expression.  We want you to get out there, have fun, be silly, get wet, pursue your passions, and look gorgeous doing it!

We want to inspire you to do what you love!  And all wrapped up in that ultimate goal, we want to grow our brand and build a community of loyal friends and customers. We need:

  • your help creating amazing content for social media, campaigns, look-books, etc.
  • your feedback about the products
  • your fresh ideas and suggestions (for new products, designs, marketing campaigns/etc.)
Our Expectations

You will visually represent our brand, philosophy, and lifestyle. Specifically, over the course of a negotiated time frame (e.g., 6-months, 1-year, etc.), we ask that you:

  • Create and post a minimum of six inspiring images or videos featuring Sirensong. We value your uniqueness and creative freedom to produce content that you know your audience will love.
  • Share images/video with us via email/dropbox/google/etc. so that we have access to high quality versions of your content.
  • Tag us in your posts (on both the image and in the caption). Instagram is our primary focus, followed by Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter. If you have a blog, or a YouTube channel, we would greatly appreciate you showing some love there as well.
  • Spread the word using hashtags and thoughtful messages.
  • Occasionally (at least twice) share/repost our content (pictures, promotions, contests, etc.)
  • Make sure your account is public!
  • Distribute flyers or business cards that we give you to help spread the word in the “real” world. This doesn’t have to be an aggressive effort – do what makes sense and what you’re comfortable with. For example, keep a few in your car in case somebody asks about your wetsuit after your surf session. Or, if you have a favorite local shop that seems like a good fit for us, leave them some info and encourage them to check us out (or send us their info and we’ll contact them!)
  • Optional things you can do to help support us include mentioning us in your social media bio, blogging about us, posting more than the minimum 6 required posts, referring/recommending us to retail stores, helping us promote at events, and helping answer community questions on our social pages.
Your Benefits

Depending on your engagement and brand involvement (potential and/or proven), you will earn increasingly discounted and/or free product(s) in exchange for your efforts. We’ll also give you a discount code to purchase Sirensong products at a deeply discounted ambassador rate, as well as a unique discount code to share with your friends and followers (e.g., YOURNAME15 for 15% off).

If you are on board with our goals and want to join us...

Please submit an application. We receive lots of requests for consideration, so please be patient if we're not always quick to respond. You can also follow up by email if you have not heard back. Wishing you much light, love, and aloha!